We Provide the following Services

Bark Chips & Mulches:

We have the experience and we understand how much bark chips and mulches our clients need to shut the weed off and guarantee the most desirable environment.


We have a team of expert–bobcat operators for all bobcat needs.

Final Grade (New or Re-grading):

We do final grades for homeowners according to the City of Edmonton’s lot grading regulations. Whether your property needs new and first-time grading or whether it needs grade repairs to correct improper work or defective grades, we have excellent reputation to meet the city’s grading requirements for you.

Lawn and Garden Care:

We provide maintenance services through lawn mowing, weed control, trimming and general gardening services.

Retaining Walls:

We construct retaining walls.

Rock Installation:

We install all kinds of quality decorative rocks in the best artistic designs to give our clients the classic environment they deserve. We do this with commercial grade edging and landscape fabric materials.


We seed new lots as well as wrecked lawns.

Sidewalk and Patio:

We construct sidewalks and patios.

Sod Laying and Removal:

We lay new sod composed of 90% Kentucky-blue grass. We also remove old sods mechanically and or manually.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups:

We provide all spring and fall clean up services.


We deliver reasonably priced screened topsoil.

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers:

We remove and plant trees, shrubs and flowers to suit our client’s tastes and environment.

Snow Removal:

We remove Snow to suit our client’s environment.