About Us

We welcome you to our website. We are a landscape construction and installation company serving both commercial and residential customers in the city of Edmonton and surrounding. As our city continues to grow in housing and neighborhood developments, our citizens continue to be required to comply with drainage and environmental regulations to keep communities attractive and safe. As this requirements can be burdensome to the average property owner in an ongoing fragile economy, businesses in this sector have unique opportunities to creatively impact positively.

KUPAK Landscapes Ltd, incorporated in 2006, proudly positions itself through experience to deliver. Whether you require new landscape installation or existing landscape renovation or maintenance, we have the experience, equipments and manpower to deliver. Contact Us to find out more.



We guarantee all of our work and materials we supply with a one year limited warranty. The details come with our estimates.

Liability, Auto and WCB Insurance

We carry $2,000,000.00 commercial liability insurance, and all of our trucks and equipments are fully insured. We are also fully covered under the Alberta Workers’ Compensation.

Installment Payments:

To ease the fear of loss that most customers experience, we offer installment payment options to customers who may need this added security. The payment can take the form of two or three installment payments from start of work to finish.

Goods and Services Tax

We appreciate driving on good roads and using resources provided through tax. We, therefore, happily collect GST on all sales, and appreciate customers who do not ask the uncomfortable question to save from GST.