We provide quality landscape construction and installation services to all of our residential, commercial and industrial customers in Edmonton and surrounding.

Professional Value

We build designs that last and stand behind our work with proactive after-sales service. Our professionals are committed to supporting our customers even after the last flower is planted.


Collectively, we have the work experience and depth of knowledge to competently tackle any landscaping project and help you realize your vision in a timely fashion.

We welcome you to our website. We are a landscape construction and installation company serving both commercial and residential customers in the city of Edmonton and surrounding. As our city continues to grow in housing and neighborhood developments, our citizens continue to be required to comply with drainage and environmental regulations to keep communities attractive and safe. As this requirements can be burdensome to the average property owner in an ongoing fragile economy, businesses in this sector have unique opportunities to creatively impact positively.

KUPAK Landscapes Ltd, incorporated in 2006, proudly positions itself through experience to deliver. Whether you require new landscape installation or existing landscape renovation or maintenance, we have the experience, equipments and manpower to deliver. Contact Us to find out more.



"heard about us from her residential neighbor, who also heard about us from a co-worker, who strongly recommended us for landscaping services."


"Joe and I are absolutely satisfied with all your work, and look forward to having you come spring"

John A.

"You did final grade, sod laying and rock works for us. We are so pleased with your services. Thank you."


"We are happy to have had you maintain our lawn this year. You did a great job. See you in spring."

Dave and Suzy

"We were not sure how this was going to turn out. You really surprised us, and we’ll be glad to serve as your references. Can you also drop off some of you business cards so we can give to our friends? "


"My boss is pleased with your services. Thank you!"